Do you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis? Think you've tried everything? Think again!

24.07.2012 12:46

Do you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dry itchy skin? Think you've tried everything? Think again!

Salcura DermaSpray Intensive is 100% natural skin nourishment spray that provides effective, long-term management and control of serious skin problems, including eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, urticaria and dry skin.  Salcura DermaSpray Intensive is free from steroids, hormones, cortisones, peroxide, alcohol, parabens and antibiotics.  It can be used by children from 12 months old and adults.

Salcura DermaSpray Intensive provides the skin with the key elements needed to regenerate and repair through its own natural processes.  Unlike steroidal or chemical based treatments, Salcura DermaSpray Intensive does not suppress or hinder the skin’s natural healing process.

The results speak for themselves.  In a recent survey, the effectiveness of Salcura DermaSpray Intensive was assessed by 97% of patients to be very good or good.  

Salcura DermaSpray Intensive:

●  Contains NO chemicals or steroids:  Salcura DermaSpray Intensive contains only natural and essential skin nutrients for skin repair, skin regeneration and skin health.

●  Has NO restrictions on usage:  Salcura DermaSpray Intensive can be applied as often as required without any known negative side effects.  It can be used on the scalp and face, including around the eyes.

●  Fast acting ANTI-ITCH properties:  Salcura DermaSpray Intensive contains powerful natural ingredients that make easy work of breaking the itch-scratch cycle.

●  Unique LIQUID SPRAY application:  Salcura DermaSpray Intensive is easily and deeply absorbed, providing nourishment to the deeper layers of the skin, without the need to rub.

●  PRACTICAL and easy to use:  Salcura DermaSpray Intensive is non-greasy, non-sticky and do not stain, making it a pleasant alternative.

●  Suitable for use by vegans, vegetarians, and those with an intolerance to nuts, gluten, soya and dairy products.

●  Can be used during pregnancy and while breast feeding.

Salcura DermaSpray Intensive is available in a 100ml spray bottle, (up to 800 sprays). Price: 445 Kč. Buy here: